“The summer night is like a perfection of thought.”
Wallace Stevens, The House Was Quiet and The World Was Calm

I love summer. I always have. It a season full of possibility: full of adventure, exploration, relaxation, and discovery. Life is almost on pause while we bask in the summer sun. Vacations abound; our imaginations fully engage. It’s a magical time.

I hope the magic of summer finds you and your practice this summer; enriching you, inspiring you and sustaining you. We have a lot yet to look forward to in 2017:

At some point Governor Malloy will sign our new legislation into law. It passed both the House and the Senate! Changes take effect October 2019.

Many wonderful CSMT and SMT volunteer opportunities!
The number one question we receive is, “Why volunteer? Massage should only be for pay.” My answer? Yes, and no. Should we be “giving away” massage at every event it our area? No absolutely not. It can devalue our industry if not applied judiciously, but it doesn’t always. For example, volunteering at a CSMT event is designed to give back to the community…the community that may support your business or family. Sports teams events are designed to raise awareness of what sports massage is and how it can help athletes, through hands-on interactions. Many volunteer events lead to additional work or leads for additional work. But you have to participate for it to benefit you. Pick one event. Just 1! The one closest to you. See what it may bring.

Chapter meetings and FREE CEs.
Our July chapter meeting is on July 18th. We’ll give you an update on what’s happening in our industry and organization. We’ll be talking about National Convention in Washington, DC and the new Assembly of Delegates. If you plan to be in DC, please come to this meeting and learn about all the ways you can participate. I also have some fun networking games planned. Guest speaker TBD.

Our next CE is July 18th “Your Sacred Belly: Abdominal Education for Massage Therapists”.

May you enjoy your summer. I look forward to seeing you in July!

Becca Torns-Barker
AMTA-CT President