Becca Torns-Barker was elected President for a two-year term and Lani Dove Roth was elected Secretary for a two-year term.

Board of Directors, Chairs, Coordinators and 2018 Delegates to Assembly of Delegates


President                                                       Becca Torns-Barker       

Secretary                                                       Lani Roth                     

Financial Administrator                                 Keli Lemoi                    

Board Member 1                                           Jenn Fournier Dubree  

Board Member 2                                           Mindy Michaud            

Conference Committee Chair                         Sue Barrett                   

Education Chair                                             Amy Waite                   

Membership Chair                                         Miriam Drew                

Volunteer Management Coordinator             Rocky Perez                 

Sports Massage Team Chair                           Bill Gibbs                     

Community Svc Massage

Team (CSMT) Chair                                       Melissa Glassman         

CSMT Emergency Division Coordinator         Deb Van Ohlen            

Government Relations Coordinator               Nikki Arel                     

Newsletter Editor                                          Tracy Rosiene              

Delegates to Assembly of Delegates 2018:     Maureen Stott    Rocky Perez     Nikki Arel