Members Who Make Us Proud!

Is there a CT AMTA member you know who you would like to see recognized for a job well done? Do you know someone who deserves ‘thanks’? Each year we take pleasure in honoring deserving individuals during our Annual Chapter meeting through Awards and Certificates of Appreciation. It is important and it is fun!

If you know of someone who deserves consideration, we would like to hear from you. Please email for more information.

AMTA-CT Chapter Award and Recognition Summaries

  • Chapter Meritorious Award: This is a chapter award given to a chapter member. It is selected by the chapter to recognize someone that has gone above and beyond the call of duty to promote the AMTA and CT chapter, massage therapy, and the profession in general. People can receive this award multiple times.
  • Outstanding Committee Member: This award recognizes a current member that has displayed superior effort, commitment and dedication to a particular committee or workgroup on which they serve.
  • Outstanding Committee Award: This award recognizes a current committee for their work and dedication to the goals and objectives of the CT Chapter.
  • Chapter Humanitarian Award: This Award is given to a member who has been instrumental in supporting the CT Chapter of the AMTA and the massage therapy community at large.
  • Certificates of Appreciation: Any number of these certificates can be awarded for outstanding service to the chapter in various situations or programs. If someone has made an impact on you tell us about them.

National Awards

National awards are presented at the AMTA National Convention each year. Awards are given to both the chapter and to individuals.

2018: National Humanitarian – Karen Pirhalla

2018 AMTA Chapter Innovation Award

Chapter Meritorious Award Winners

1988 Steve Kitts
1989 Jeanne Guertin
1990 Shirley Cooper
1991 Bill Greenberg
1992 JoAnn Parady
1993 Lucille Gecewicz
1994 Cass Crewdson
1995 Deanna Jackson
1996 David Zychowski
1997 Chaleen Bloethe-Abely
1998 Bill Greenberg
1999 Franci Tartaglino
2000 Lee Stang
2001 David Zychowski
2002 Shirley Cooper
2003 Audrey Fontaine
2004 Rich Testa
2005 Susan Forster
2006 Marilyn Holt
2007 Kerry Methot
2008 Shirley Cooper; Laura Stevenson-Flom
2009 Cass Crewdson
2010 Marilyn Waters
2011 Judi Ohrt
2012 Scott Raymond
2013 Shannon Saunders
2014 Linda Lane
2015 Lee Stang
2016 Deby Van Ohlen
2017 Sue Barrett
2018 Pat Shimchick
2019 Maureen Stott

Chapter Humanitarian Award Winners

2017 Karen Pirhalla
2018 Tom Cushman