Welcome Spring 2023! CT Conference 2023 was a great success, with a variety of in-person classes, an exhibit hall and our annual meeting. Our National President, Christine Bailor-Goodlander was our guest speaker. We honored members of our chapter to recognize their service to the chapter. Check our website https://amtactchapter.org/ and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AMTACT posts in the next couple of weeks for details.

We also want to thank Becca Torns-Barker, Melissa Glassman and Tama Mackay for the years they have served in leadership. These 3 amazing people are stepping back from leadership roles this year.

Becca has served the chapter as a chapter leader since 2010 in various roles:

  • 4 years as Membership Chair
  • 4 years as an alternate delegate/delegate to Assembly of Delegates
  • 4 years as President
  • 3 years as Conference Chair

Melissa Glassman has served as a chapter leader since 2018 in various roles:

  • 3 years Online Election Coordinator (OEC)
  • 2 years delegate to Assembly of Delegates
  • 4 years COT (Community Outreach Team) Chair
  • 1 year as Secretary

Tama Mackay has served as a chapter leader since 2017

  • 1 year as alternate delegate to the Assembly of Delegates
  • 4 years as SMT (Sports Massage Team) Chair

Collectively they have served this chapter for 22 years. All have made a lasting mark on this chapter. Thank you for all you have done and it has been a pleasure working with you. I look forward to seeing where you go from here and know that you will do awesome things.


This year we held elections for a delegate position and 2 board positions: board member and financial administrator.

Jennifer Dionne was elected as your delegate for a two-year term.

Jodi Wolf was elected as your board member for a two-year term.

No one ran for financial administrator.

2023-2024 Chapter Leaders

Chapter Board of Directors
President – Mindy Michaud PresidentAMTACT@gmail.com
Secretary – Jenne Wilusz-Erisoty SecretaryAMTACT@gmail.com
Financial Administrator – Yvette Law TreasurerAMTACT@gmail.com
Board Member 1 – Jodi Wolf BoardMember1AMTACT@gmail.com
Board Member 2 – Chris Stubbs BoardMember2AMTACT@gmail.com

Committee Chairs
Communications Chair*
Conference Chair – Yvette Law ConferenceAMTACT@gmail.com
Education Chair – Susan Francis EducationAMTACT@gmail.com
Government Relations Chair – Nikki Arel GovRelAMTACT@gmail.com
Awards Chair – Cass Crewdson AwardsAMTACT@gmail.com
Membership Chair – Kim Marino MembershipAMTACT@gmail.com
SMT (Sport Massage Team) Chair – Shimona Spears SMTAMTACT@gmail.com
COT (Community Outreach Team) Chair* CSMTAMTACT@gmail.com

Jennifer Dionne
Nikki Arel GovRelAMTACT@gmail.com
*open position