Education Chair

Susan’s journey to massage therapy started with a simple desire: to help people reach their full potential through the emotional and physical support massage therapy can provide. She is a graduate of Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, and has been a member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 2011.

Susan has a background in elementary education and spent 7 years working as a paraprofessional, specializing in working with preschools diagnosed with Autism. A common question asked by parents was: How can I hold and comfort my child? How can I hug my child? An article in Massage Therapy Journal provided by her own massage therapist helped Susan to decide to become a massage therapist to help parents reach these goals. Susan is now an Infant Massage Instructor, and a certified pediatric massage therapist with a speciality in Austim.


After spending five years working in the spa industry as lead therapist and supervisor Susan teamed up with a group of like minded practitioners who focus on the health and well being of women and children through pre and post-natal care.

In the past, Susan has participated in events with the Sports Massage Team and the Community Service Events team, and looks forward to volunteering as your Education Chair.