Hello Members.

Please see below for an update from Governor Lamont (Connecticut), and the Department of Public Health relative to vaccination prioritization.  The information was released today, Monday, February 22, 2021.

Eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines will be AGE-BASED going forward (except with respect to educators). Beginning March 1, individuals who reside or work in CT, and who are aged 55 and older, may schedule a vaccination.  Governor Lamont indicated that attempting to coordinate age-based; medical; and workforce eligibility became too complicated, and that there were segments of our population who were not being captured for vaccination. The Lamont Administration believes this to be a far simplified process.

What we Know Now:
Beginning March 1; those aged 55 and older (and educators) may schedule their vaccination.
At the time you receive your first shot, you will schedule your second.
Please ensure that you bring an ID to confirm your age.

Timeline for Future Roll-Out:
Age 45-54 – tentatively opens March 22
Age 35-44 – tentatively opens April 12
Other age brackets – tentatively opens May 3
(Please note that the foregoing future roll-out dates are very tentative and completely dependent upon vaccination availability, and success of preceding phases).

The workforce sector eligibility criteria is no longer valid/operable.  Therefore, please watch for your age group to determine the timing of your eligibility.

AMTA-CT Chapter does not require that you receive the vaccine. This is your health decision, and you need to make your own decisions for yourself and for your business. This is merely a relay of the most up-to-date information that we have and can verify. If you have specific questions or a unique situation, please contact the State of Connecticut directly, access the CT portal at https://portal.ct.gov/DCF/COVID-19/HOME or your employer.

Respectfully submitted,
Nikki Arel, AMTA-CT Chapter Government Relations Chair