Hello, Members!

This is just a quick update from your friendly Government Relations Chair. Announced on Monday, 15 March 2021, Governor Lamont is accelerating the vaccine roll-out in Connecticut. THIS Friday, 19 March, will open the 45-54 age group cohort. The anticipated opening for the 16-44 age group cohort is Monday, 5 April.

On Friday, 19 March 2021, Connecticut is allowing massage to open to 100% capacity. The information from Connecticut Reopening Guidelines, which we must adhere to, still requires mask-wearing, social distancing, and all other public health protocols. EVEN IF THE THERAPIST AND CLIENT HAVE RECEIVED VACCINES, YOU MUST FOLLOW THE MASK WEARING MANDATE! Also, at this point, Connecticut is still not allowing couples massage with two therapists and two clients in the same room. All services are still limited to one-to-one interactions.

Connecticut and National AMTA do NOT require you to obtain a vaccine to continue to work as a licensed massage therapist. Still, we are providing this to ensure that you are aware of changes that could impact public health and business activities.

As always, please reference Connecticut’s website at www.ct.gov/coronavirus. Or use the phone number: 1-877-918-2224.

Stay safe! …. Nikki Arel, Government Relations Chair, AMTA-CT Chapter