Chris Stubbs 2021

Board Member 2

I am a young and enthusiastic massage therapist. I have 8 years experience in the field after graduating from the University of Bedfordshire in Sports Therapy w/ Hons. I have a real passion to help people to resolve their problems rather than address their symptoms. Getting to the root cause of a client’s problem and trying to address the issue is what pushes me forward in this industry. I have a different approach to my therapy and I like to educate my clients as much as I can to help guide them through their recovery process. Having been an avid sportsman playing rugby, cricket and soccer in the UK and Germany, I know as to how important it is to have therapy work and the wonders that it does for the body.

I have been a member of the AMTA for 2 years and the organization is excellent at engaging members and making sure that they stay current with new trends and ideas.

I like to think my background with other therapy interventions and Personal Training helps me to provide a wider outlook on Massage and Massage Therapy as an Industry. I am very keen on getting Massage Therapy seen as a medical profession and I would like to help with that journey and to move the industry forward in the right direction. I would also like to see a level playing field for massage therapist to work across the whole country without any barriers.