Board Members – 2 year Terms 2020-2022
       President – Mindy Michaud
       Board Member – Amy Waite
      Secretary – Lani Dove

Delegate to the Assembly of Delegates – 2 year Term 2020-2022
       Rocky Perez

Congratulations everyone and special thanks to Melissa Glassman for serving as our elections coordinator this year.

Board of Directors, Chairs and 2020 Delegates to Assembly of Delegates

President                                                       Mindy Michaud            
Secretary                                                       Lani Dove                    
Financial Administrator                                 Yvette Law                   
Board Member 1                                           Jodi Wolf                     
Board Member 2                                           Amy Waite                   
Conference Committee Chair                         Becca Torns-Barker       
Education Chair                                             Amy Waite                   
Membership Chair                                         Jeff Shuman                 
Sports Massage Team (SMT) Chair                Tama Mackay               
Community Service Massage
Team (CSMT) Chair                                       Melissa Glassman         
Government Relations Chair                          Nikki Arel                     
Awards Chair                                                 Cass Crewdson             
CT Conference Registrar                                Natalie Dark                 

Delegates to Assembly of Delegates 2020-2021:    
Nikki Arel
Rocky Perez