Election Results 2018

Becca Torns-Barker was elected President for a two-year term and Lani Dove Roth was elected Secretary for a two-year term.

Board of Directors, Chairs, Coordinators and 2018 Delegates to Assembly of Delegates


President                                                       Becca Torns-Barker                 Presidentamtact@gmail.com

Secretary                                                       Lani Roth                               secretaryamtact@gmail.com

Financial Administrator                                 Keli Lemoi                              treasureramtact@gmail.com

Board Member 1                                           Jenn Fournier Dubree            BoardMember1AMTACT@gmail.com

Board Member 2                                           Mindy Michaud                      BoardMember2AmtaCT@gmail.com

Conference Committee Chair                         Sue Barrett                             conferenceamtact@gmail.com

Education Chair                                             Amy Waite                             educationamtact@gmail.com

Membership Chair                                         Miriam Drew                          Membershipamtact@gmail.com

Volunteer Management Coordinator             Rocky Perez                           volunteermanamtact@gmail.com


Sports Massage Team Chair                           Bill Gibbs                               smtamtact@gmail.com

Community Svc Massage

Team (CSMT) Chair                                       Melissa Glassman                   csmtamtact@gmail.com

CSMT Emergency Division Coordinator         Deb Van Ohlen                      csmtedamtact@gmail.com

Government Relations Coordinator               Nikki Arel                               GovRelamtact@gmail.com

Newsletter Editor                                          Tracy Rosiene                        newsletteramtact@gmail.com


Delegates to Assembly of Delegates 2018:     Maureen Stott    Rocky Perez     Nikki Arel