I love summer. I always have. It a season full of possibility: full of adventure, exploration…everything around us is growing. Take time to plant your own garden, whether that is full of produce, flowers, or your own enrichment. Investing in yourself now is believing in your future. Let’s watch those gardens, and futures, grow!

I hope the magic of summer finds you and your practice this summer; enriching you, inspiring you, sustaining you. We have a lot yet to look forward to in 2019:

  • Beginning in October, massage therapists will need to carry liability insurance, and students will be required to have 810 hours of education to enter the profession.
  • The House and Senate have yet to pass a budget. We will continue to fight to have massage therapy excluded from sales tax. The current version of the budget in the House does NOT include us.
  • The bill to license nail technicians and estheticians passed the House vote. On to the Senate.
  • Exciting announcement: the Sport Massage Team (SMT) is now actively working towards PAID events for massage therapists working SMT events. We can’t change contracts that are already signed, but look to the future!
  • Chapter meetings and FREE CEs. Our July chapter meeting is on July 17. The meeting will be a little shorter so that we can start education earlier and get everyone home a little earlier. We’ll give you an update on what’s happening in our industry and organization. We’ll be talking about state legislation, National Convention in Indianapolis, and the Assembly of Delegates. If you plan to be in Indiana, please come to this meeting and learn about all the ways you can participate. Learn more here
  • Our next CE is Self-Care Tune-up for the LMT with Nikki Arel. You asked for more Nikki, and we listened! Learn more here

May you enjoy your summer.  I look forward to seeing you in July!

Becca Torns-Barker
AMTA-CT President