Another quarter has passed and we had a well-attended chapter meeting to mark the occasion. If you couldn’t be at the annual meeting, here’s what you missed.

The meeting was the conclusion of our annual educational conference. All in all, over 250 massage therapists came through the conference over the course of the weekend. That’s almost as big as NERC used to be! This state is very fortunate to have a dedicated committee of volunteers to make this happen. No one on the committee went to school to study event planning, and yet the conference ran smoothly and successfully. We appreciate all the feedback our members and exhibitors provided through the weekend.

Massage Therapy Foundation Auction

We had a silent auction during the conference to raise funds for the Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF), which conducts research on massage therapy. We raised over $850 for MTF! Our own Sue Barrett crocheted the most beautiful afghan, which was a big bidding item. The auction was a lot of fun for a great cause.

Guest Speaker: Scott Raymond

Scott Raymond, Director on the AMTA National Board of Directors, reminded us that a bylaw change is in the works regarding the House of Delegates at National Convention. Starting in 2018, the House may see some big changes to how it works and how representatives are sent. In addition, Scott reminded us that the Massage Profession Research Report has been released and is available on AMTA’s website at

President’s Report

Becca updated the chapter on the progress made on the Board’s goals:

  • Increasing participation at sports events. Bill is getting us into smaller, more local events, some on Sundays, in the hope that this will draw more massage therapists. It’s a lot easier to volunteer your time locally, where you know you’ll meet potential clients, and on days that you likely don’t already work.In addition, Becca is working with CCMT and Asnuntuck to bring massage therapy students to sports events. If your school is interested in discussing this option, please contact Becca at
  • Increasing the number of hours required to receive your massage therapy license in CT. Becca has met with teachers and leaders from almost all of the schools in CT, and everyone supports the change. Our next step is to begin discussions with the Department of Public Health.


Award winners this year:

Community Service Massage Team (CSMT)

  • CSMT members who participated in four events or more. These volunteers donated a total of 315 hours!
    • Tom Cushman
    • Nikki Arel
    • Wendy Payton
    • Pat Shimchick
    • Christine Decarolis
    • Cass Crewdson
    • Lani Roth
    • Carol Radzunas
    • Bob Austin
    • Seth Levine
    • Deb Van Ohlen
  • CSMT Members of the Year
    • Carol Radzunas
    • Michelle Power

Sports Massage Team (SMT)

  • SMT Member with the Most Massage: Shannon Saunders
  • Outstanding Contribution: Chuck Blake
  • Coordinator Thank Yous
    • Steve Crews
    • Steve Callis

Chapter Level Awards

  • Chapter Meritorious: Sue Barrett
  • Chapter Humanitarian: Karen Pirhalla
  • President’s Award: Mindy Michaud
  • Meet and Greet Champion: Bill Gibbs
  • Firecracker Awards: Kerry Methot, Sue Barrett, Rocky Perez, Tami Taylor
  • Thank Yous: Michele Kean, Lauren Hockla