By Becca Torns-Barker, AMTA-CT President

Every so often, a massage therapist will come to me and tell me about a client that had an inappropriate request. You know, the kind we all learned about in massage school, and some of us have experienced in practice. The therapist will ask me what to do. The answer is always the same: report it to the police department in which your practice is located. That answer, however, is often met with resistance because our last names and addresses are public information on the DPH website, and therapists are afraid of retribution.

I asked the DPH about this, wanting their perspective. They reminded me that you can list whatever address you wish with the DPH, so I, for example, can use my business address. The address just needs to be one where you can receive business mail, so you won’t miss important letters coming from DPH.

Bottom line, consider using a business address or PO Box for your address on file with DPH. It might make reporting incidents to the police easier on you should you ever be in the position to need to do so.