By Amy Waite, Education Chair

We’re really excited about our upcoming continuing education class offering, which will take place at AMTA-CT’s Fall Chapter Meeting on Sunday, October 22.  Here’s a sneak peek at the class content, developed by Scott Raymond, LMT and Ann Blair Kennedy, LMT, BCTMB, DrPH.

This dynamic, interactive research class will delve into who we are and what we really do as massage therapists.  Everyone defines massage a little differently…some believe that it’s a luxury that is done once in a while on vacation, while others see it as an integral part of their health care and wellness.  How we as therapists communicate with prospective clients, colleagues, policymakers, and other healthcare professionals is so important for the field of massage therapy! Being able to communicate what our profession is educates the public, informs policymakers, and gives other health care professionals confidence to comfortably refer to a massage therapist.

In this class, we will discuss how to have a clear definition of our profession moving forward, as well as how to speak with different demographic groups about the field of massage therapy.  Not only will we discuss how and where to use research to develop clarity and build business for everyone, but we will show the importance of individuality within the practice of massage therapy.

Our presenter:

You’ll earn 3 NCBTMB Continuing Education credits for this class. Be sure to order tickets for both the meeting and the education class

A personal note from Education Chair Amy Waite: The topic and class format outlined above highlights what draws me to AMTA chapter meetings: they’re an opportunity to discuss what’s good and not-so-good in our industry.  Talking to non-massage people can be like trying to fold a fitted sheet, but our members, generous with their knowledge, are enthusiastic about sharing what works for them on and off the table.  I always leave these meetings with a new gem to take back to my practice, and spending the day in a room full of massage therapists is great for the soul.  I know it all helps me tweak my work…to balance the wellness side with the business side of my business. Come see for yourself!