Welcome to Fall 2020!   So many unknowns still.   Keep a positive attitude.  Reach out to family, friends and other therapists for support.  We are all navigating through difficult times.

We are very fortunate to have Becca Torns-Barker (our current Conference Chair) and Nikki Arel (our current Government Relations Chair) helping us with the ever-changing restrictions and practice guidelines.

Please refer to our chapter FAQs here. This is a live document with information being updated as necessary.

Have other questions not addressed in the FAQ? Feel free to reach out!

Becca:   Conferenceamtact@gmail.com
Nikki:    Govrelamtact@gmail.com
Mindy:  Presidentamtact@gmail.com

During this time of practice restrictions and safety around COVID many of us have chosen to stop practicing temporarily, or practicing on a minimal scale, while others are full-time.   This is a personal decision for everyone.  Six months into this, we have shown how resilient we are as a profession.   A great majority of us have other job skills and are using those skills for supplemental or full income until we can go back to our practices as they were pre-COVID.  As a profession we have always had the safety of our clients at heart and this time is no different.

If you find that you are unable to work, AMTA will temporarily suspend your membership at no cost to you.  You will still have access to everything as a full AMTA membership, except your liability insurance.

You will need to re-activate your membership prior to returning to hands-on work. Call AMTA for information if this is something that you are interested in:

1-877-905-2700 (Monday — Friday 8am-5:30pm CT)

Your chapter leaders have been at work learning new skills and anticipating being able to plan future AMTA events and education.   As of this time it looks like we will be unable to plan live, in-person events until after mid-February.

When it becomes clear that we will be able to plan, we will keep everyone informed.   We had to cancel our CT Conference this past April and unfortunately, we will be unable to plan our 2021 conference as we do not expect gatherings of that size to be allowed.  There are free on-line classes available to you with your AMTA membership.

All of this is temporary, at some point we will move toward a more normal way of life.  Give yourself credit every day for how resilient and resourceful you are.  Be kind to yourself and look for something positive to focus on when things get rough.

Stay safe and well!
Mindy Michaud
AMTA-CT Chapter President