Conferences are great places to take classes. Why? 

  • You can take intro classes, that help you determine if you like that modality of work before committing a lot of time and hard-earned money to classes. 
  • You can dive deep into one or two topics if you do like that modality. 

The conference committee chooses classes based on feedback from you, our members, as well as on reviews of those instructors and classes. Instructors and classes are vetted to provide you with a great learning experience. 

Hands-on classes this year include:

  • Therapeutic Strategies for Surgeries, Scars, and Burns (9 spots left)
    Deepen your therapy skills by examining how manual therapies can positively affect scars from surgeries, trauma or burns and become an important adjunct for home care and tissue healing for your clients. Becca was a demo body in this class and barely has any scarring post surgery. Amazing class!

  • The Art and Science of Gua Sha (4 spots left)
    You’ll learn how to approach a client about receiving Gua Sha, how to discuss post session care for the client, the indications and contraindications of Gua Sha, how to care for your tools, and how to integrate this bodywork modality into a massage session. 

  • Cupping for Lymphatics (1 spot left)
    We will explore the interaction between cupping and the body, and how we can utilize this interaction to influence the lymphatic system.

  • Getting Comfortable Working with TMJ Dysfunction (3 spots left)
    Learn to effectively integrate new hands-on modalities for TMD into your practice. Learn to approach intraoral massage with clients. Learn to advise clients how to improve the function of the TMJ, and when refer out.

  • Intro to Myofascial Techniques (6 spots left)
    The superficial tissues play an important role in our bodywork sessions. This protocol can be used as a starting point for any massage session. Gentle pushing and pulling of the tissues can help identify restrictions and patterns of movement in the body. We will practice active and passive assessments, lengthening and broadening of the connective tissues, cross fiber frictions, and hydrotherapies.

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