Thankyou MERT members!                                                                                  

We all remember September 11, 2001. We remember where we were when we heard; we remember seeing that second plane hit the towers; we remember that feeling of shock and helplessness. What I also remember is the response of the AMTA CT Chapter and its Members.  Almost immediately my phone began to ring with members asking “what are we going to do to help, when are we going to do it and where?” The CT Chapter jumped into high gear in anticipation of our MERT (Massage Emergency Response Team) being called in to assist first responders and support staff. The rest of the story is part of the CT Chapter history. And it is a proud history that includes members serving and doing massage in NYC police precincts and fire stations and at Ground Zero for 45 days.

I want to take this opportunity of the 20th anniversary of 911 to recognize and thank those AMTA members from CT and all other New England states that stepped up during this very dramatic and emotional time. CT Chapter members stepped up, many putting their practices on hold. They traveled to NY to provide invaluable healing touch to everyone working at Ground Zero; from fire fighters to FBI; from canine teams to counselors; from kitchen and housekeeping staff working during those days and nights. They were amazing! They displayed the best of humanity during a time when we saw the worst.

It wasn’t just those that went to Ground Zero. It was countless others that helped behind the scenes contacting business, arranging for donations; providing moral support, securing the supplies that we needed; even arranging for drivers to get us there and for housing in NY once we got there! I always knew that CT was a special chapter within the AMTA community. This event proved that beyond any doubt. What makes the Chapter so strong is not only the sense of Community but the willingness to take action within the Community. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that had a ‘hand’ in showing the value of massage to bring comfort and some peace of mind and body to so many in such a terrible time. You all know who you are!

Lee Stang, MERT Team Leader