This affects new and already licensed therapists

By Nikki Arel,
Government Relations Coordinator

Our Bill DID pass and will be effective in Oct 2019. If you are a current LMT in CT & an AMTA member, there is very little to nothing you need to do! Your insurance that is required is provided through AMTA. You have already passed the exam and schooling, so the hours increase is not a concern.

If, on the other hand, you are considering coming into the field and have not yet begun your studies, you will need to ensure that your program contains 750 contact hours and 60 clinical hours (all schools in CT will).

The Bill also requires that you have liability insurance. The liability insurance may come from either yourself or your employer.

Please ALSO ensure that you, or your employer, have the required flier displayed regarding human trafficking. Please bring this to the attention of an employer who is unaware that the display is required. We, as massage therapists, are not the only field required to comply and we are not the only state that has this display.

Thank you for your attention in these matters and your continued support!