We had a nice summer chapter meeting with 83 attendees for the meeting and 98 for education (out of 2400+ members). At 2400 members, CT is considered an extra large AMTA chapter, and extra large chapters only account for 15% of chapters. As you can image, managing a chapter for 2400 members has some challenges. If you have ideas on how to make our chapter better, please email Becca at PresidentAMTACT@gmail.com.

We started the meeting as always, with introductions and a moment of reflection, then we recognized some amazing events and members:

Jodi Wolf, a dedicated massage teacher who devoted her time with her students, performing chair massage to raise money for the Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF).

Phil DiRicco, who went above and beyond during National Massage Therapy Awareness Week (NMTAW) by performing 94 massages that week.

SMT at Fairfield Marathon: our sports team performed 69 pre-event and 188 post-event massages. Thanks to our Sports Director Bill Gibbs, event coordinator Steve Crews, and all the SMT members who came out to massage.

CSMT at EMS Expo: our CSMT performed 195 massages at the EMS Expo. Thanks to our CSMT Director Jody Clouse, team leaders Christine Decarolis, Tom Cushman, and Nikki Arel, and all the CSMT members who came out to massage.