Gov Lamont’s proposed budget included taxing massage therapy. Our Lobbyist made us aware as soon as she knew. We were awaiting the final wording on the proposed Bill.

As of now, I am working closely with the lobbyist, Becca & National AMTA to get the correct wording and information into a form letter for you to email or snail mail and who best to address your mail to.

PLEASE bear with me and DO watch your emails from National & the Chapter, as well as our social media, for the most up-to-date information.  We are NOT in support and are citing the references that prove massage efficacy in pain management, optional to opioid use, and the Medicare directive including massage.

Again, AS SOON as I have the wording & clearances needed, I am going to ask EVERYONE to send email/letters.   THANK YOU for your activity & awareness around this very major issue.

Nikki Arel, Government Relations, AMTA-CT Chapter