By Sue Barrett

The Chapter Meritorious Award is a national award given to an AMTA chapter member. A chapter uses it to recognize someone who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to promote the chapter and the massage therapy profession in general. People can receive this award multiple times.

The dictionary defines “meritorious” as praiseworthy, having merit, and deserving reward. As a chapter, we have been honoring people with this award since 1988. We have had 31 recipients, with some honorees receiving it more than once.  That says to me that we have an amazing group of people that continue to not only help our chapter in exceptional ways, but are also working for the betterment of our overall profession. I feel honored that I was selected to receive this award from our AMTA-CT Chapter this year.

I received an invitation to the AMTA Presidents’ Award Reception at the National Convention this year, where I was presented with this wonderful award. They invited the honorees of the Meritorious Award and also the recipients of the special anniversary pins for these members’ years of commitment to the AMTA. I’m happy to say we were lucky enough to have had two of our members at National Convention to receive anniversary pins as well: Cass Crewson for 30 years and Maureen Stott for 25 years. I would like to congratulate them as well!

It was wonderful to see so many people receiving awards from all across the country. I think one of the best things about National Convention is the people that we meet. Talking and learning with other massage therapists can be so empowering; there is always a wonderful energy in the room. Be it the classes, the awards receptions, the House of Delegates or the exhibit hall, it is always a great experience! When it’s time to leave to come back home I always feel like I come back with so much to share rest of the AMTA-CT Chapter. Thanks again for sending me to the conference to represent the Connecticut Chapter and for the privilege of receiving the meritorious award.

When you get the chance, please take a look at our other Meritorious Award recipients, they are listed in chronological order on our website at If you know of someone that you feel is deserving of this award, remember that you can nominate them through the awards committee or the Board of Directors.