Did You Know?
That the CT Chapter offers you benefits far beyond what National requires of us? Here is what we are required to offer:

  • Three newsletters a year (We offer four)
  • One community building event (We offer four)
  • One annual membership meeting (We offer four)

In addition, we offer:

  • A lobbyist to help us advance the perception of massage in the state legislative body
  • Three FREE education events
  • One low-cost education conference, including an exhibit hall and national-level educators
  • CSMT team
  • SMT team

All of these programs have all become a solid part of our chapter community culture.

Many of you ask WHY we spend our time volunteering for this non-profit organization. Well, for many reasons!

  • We believe in this organization
  • We need a voice at the Capitol, and need to have a say in legislation that effects us
  • We have learned skills FAR beyond what we use in our practice, which grows us professionally
  • We built our practices through volunteerism!!!  Every member of chapter leadership has obtained a paid massage job by volunteering at AMTA events.

Want to be a part of this AMAZING team of leaders? It’s a few hours a week, done at home, plus attending the four chapter meetings, and if it’s a Board position, attending the five Board meetings (conference call available).

We need:

  • Someone to coordinate awards
  • Someone to coordinate the activities of the Sports Massage Team
  • Someone to coordinate the email communications of the chapter
  • Someone to coordinate the education and membership events

Please reach out to PresidentAMTACT@gmail.com and ask for more information. We’d love to welcome some new blood to the leadership team. In addition, this fall, we’ll be having a chapter workshop (for chapter leaders) to help set the goals for the chapter in the next four years. This is a great time to join the team and truly make an impact in the direction of the chapter.

Thank you,
Becca Torns-Barker
AMTA-CT President, LMT 4111