Here are the highlights you might want to know about from the winter chapter meeting.

2017 Plan, BOD Vision for the chapter     

One of the things that is not often addressed is plans the Board may have for the chapter. What are the Board’s goals for the year?

In 2016, we focused on 2 things:

  • Revitalizing the CSMT and SMT teams
    We restructured how we were running the events and teams and have new proposals coming from our SMT and CSMT Directors with great new ideas to make volunteering a better investment of your time.
  • Restructuring our Board of Directors to meet National’s new requirements
    Our current BOD is 11 members. National decreed that all chapters would have a BOD of 5 members. We are not cutting any programs; we just needed to reorganize. While that may seem simple, we needed to ensure that no one Board member would bear the brunt of the work. If you have questions about the Board restructure, email

In 2017 our goals are:

  • Continue revitalizing the CSMT and SMT teams
  • Increase the number of education hours required to obtain a state massage therapy license
    Why do we want to increase the education requirement?
  • New grads report they feel unprepared for sports or chair massage events, leading to fewer opportunities
  • CT fails to meet ELAP recommendations
    • ELAP – Entry-Level Analysis Project, performed in 2013
    • Recommends minimum of 625 hours, but focus should be on recommended subject matter and subtopics, not length of program
    • National average is 697 hrs. NY requires 1000 hrs. CT requires only 500 hrs.
    • More information at
  • Becca will go to this year’s AMTA Schools summit to learn how schools do their curriculum
  • Becca has already spoken with CSMT and she welcomes feedback from other schools/programs. Email with feedback, support, and/or concerns.
  • Build a better relationship with Massage Envy MTs
  • ME is hosting some upcoming Meet and Greets in 2017
  • Allows ME therapists to better feel a part of our community
  • Allows non-ME therapists to learn more about ME
  • Work together on school visits and sharing information about the industry

Calendar of Events for the Year

The calendar of events has been released and all dates are on the web site. <link>

The biggest change is the fall chapter meeting is moving to Trumbull. You asked, we listened. We moved a meeting into Fairfield county.

This is a TEST. Hosting the meeting in Fairfield county will increase our costs by a minimum of $2000. To minimize that cost, we will only offer a 2-hour education so that we can vacate the hotel by 5:00. If we are to continue hosting meetings in Fairfield, we need a large showing of Fairfield county members.

Why move to Fairfield county?
Simple. Fairfield has the second highest number of AMTA members in the state. Here’s our current breakdown:

  • Hartford: 642
  • Fairfield: 578
  • New Haven: 462
  • New London: 222
  • Litchfield: 181
  • Middlesex: 166
  • Tolland: 129
  • Windham: 98



Call for Candidates will open on 2/13/17.

Elections open on 3/29

Elections close on 4/13

Watch your email for announcements! We are electing a Financial Administrator, Board Member 1, 3 Delegates, and 5 Alternate Delegates.

Ryan McDonald will be our Online elections coordinator. All job descriptions are available on the Web site under Resources.

Please complete an application for EACH position for which you want to apply. So if you want to run for Delegate and Alternate, you need to submit 2 applications.