At CT Conference this April, 67 bidders bid on donated items totaling $4,592.00.   The final bids raised $2,525.

We received the following message from The Massage Therapy Foundation:

All of the hard work of the Connecticut chapter is so deeply appreciated. The $2,000 will go a long way to enable the Foundation to continue to grant funds for high-quality, independent research studies that enhance the understanding of therapeutic massage applications and their roles in health-care delivery. Your gifts go towards funding community service grants that bring the benefits of massage therapy to people who desperately need them, but do not typically have access to massage, as well as education for MTs and educators.

Your member’s generous donations, via the auction, will also help get us closer to reaching our 2019 marathon goal!

You, Karen, and your chapter members are truly amazing.

Marla Gamze
Development & Communications Manager
Massage Therapy Foundation
500 Davis Street, Suite 950 I Evanston, IL 60201