The NOPAIN ACT, which aims to increase patient and provider access to non-opioid approaches to acute pain management, is continuing to attract support and interest in the Senate and House. Reach out to your representatives today and urge them to support this bill.


Non-Opioids Prevent Addiction in the Nation Act (“NOPAINACT), S. 586/H.R. 3259 continues to attract bipartisan support and interest, with cosponsors currently numbering 50 in the Senate and 115 in the House.

As you may recall, the bill is designed to increase utilization of non-opioid pain management systems. And, of interest to the massage therapy community, the bill also requires a report to Congress on limitations, gaps and barriers to access, or deficits in Medicare coverage for services supported by the HHS Pain Management Task Force, which includes massage therapy.

If the bill is not approved in the ‘lame duck’ session of Congress, i.e., the time when Congress returns to DC after the mid-term elections and runs until Congress adjourns in mid-December, the bill effectively ‘dies’ and must be reintroduced next year, effectively starting the process all over again.

It is very easy to reach out to your local representative by clicking on the link above. This will take you to the AMTA National website where you must log in to your account. By filling out the form provided it will send the prewritten message to YOUR representative.