Thoughts from the CSMT desk

I first learned of the AMTA CT-Chapter Community Service Massage Team the way many of us have.  I was a newbie in massage school and there was a section on the AMTA and what the Emergency Division of the CSMT had done.  I thought that was amazing and not something I had ever considered being an option.  It was part of why I joined the AMTA.

While attending an AMTA Chapter meeting, I learned more about the team and Outreach Events.  CTMOM was introduced to me.  CT Mission of Mercy is a mobile clinic that provides dental care for people with no insurance or the under insured.  I was blown away by the importance of this event and wanted to help out in some way.  Keeping the dentists and hygienists going while they are donating their time seemed a great way to be involved.  I got to share something I love doing with the medical world while getting to know massage therapists from all over Connecticut.

I have found volunteering at these events to not only be a great way to give back to the community, but also to provide a positive introduction to massage therapy for many people.  Putting a positive image of massage therapy out there for the public has immeasurable value.  At CTMOM we have repeat clients every year.  And this year we’ve been asked to return to the Channel 3 Kids Camp because they had loved having us there in previous years.  We will be working on Camp Counselors from all over the world.

Who can join in and volunteer at these events?  Any licensed AMTA-CT Chapter member can participate in an Outreach Event.  Therapists can provide chair, table, or Thai massage.  Students can help with registration and get a feel for how events work.  Outreach Events have the feel of being on a team, but you do not have to take the Emergency Training to participate in them.  Any amount of time is always appreciated.   See you there!

Upcoming Outreach Events :

CTMOM – March 20th and March 21st

Massage Therapy Awareness Day at the Capitol – May 1st

Channel 3 Kid’s Camp – August 4th


Melissa Glassman – CSMT Chair