I have had the language of the new bill regarding nail techs and estheticians looked at and I have some not-awesome-news to share.

The Bill, HB 6742, DID pass this session and we now have the full language and have checked in with DPH for clarity.

If you own a business and employee nail techs, lash techs or estheticians, the business will need to be managed by a licensed practitioner in one of these fields or cosmetology or hair. Although we thought we were clear in our communication as the Bill was being developed, the bit about LMTs as managers slipped by.

What do we do now? I need to hear from those who are affected by this new law, which is effective July 1,  2020. Please contact me at: govrelamtact@gmail.com and let me know the following:
1. Your name, LMT #, business name and locale and years in operation.
2. How many non-LMT employees you have and the breakdown of their input to your business (Example:  I have 4 nail techs and 2 estheticians accounting for 1/3 of my annual revenue). Broad brush is best.
3. How this will impact your business operations.
My goal is to work with both DPH and the Bill’s authors to ensure we can pass an amendment that would allow DPH licensed professionals to manage such establishments (thereby inclusive of massage).

THANK YOU for your prompt attention.
metta…. Nikki Arel, GR-CT AMTA