In Executive Order 7UU, dated June 1, 2020, Governor Lamont clarified the definition of “suitable work” as it pertains to returning to work as the state reopens. When filing weekly Unemployment Insurance (UI), the employee is asked if they refused suitable work. As businesses are reopening, there are questions around that.

Section 2, of Executive Order 7UU, entitled ‘Determination of Suitable Work’ states that:
“Where an unreasonable risk to the individual’s health or, due to COVID 19, the health of a member of that individual’s household is established, the Administrator shall find the work to be unsuitable for the individual.” 

What this means is that, if due to your health or the health of a household member, you cannot safely return to work, you are allowed to continue your unemployment claim. Also, if you are an employer, please be aware that employees can refuse to return on the ‘open date’ if they have valid health concerns.

Note: CT declared a state of health emergency and, therefore, Executive Orders ARE considered law while under the emergency status. See

Returning to Work, Risk Involved, and PUA
The AMTA-CT Chapter BOD has asked, through our lobbyist, for information about the PUA program as our profession reopens June 17. Specifically, we asked if we could still collect PUA if we do not return to work due to COVID risk factors or a family member’s risk factors, or if we choose not to open because we cannot meet the necessary changes in the reopening guide.

As soon as we know, we will let you know.

PPP Adjustments
On June 3, 2020, Congress passed the Paycheck Protection Flexibility Act which amends the PPP that was released under the CARES Act. Those changes include:

  • The period of time (Covered Period) that you have to use the funds for loan forgiveness extends to 24 weeks (from the initial 8 weeks)
  • The original 75/25 split for payroll/operating expenses is altered to a 60/40 split
  • The payments will not become due until the forgiveness is finalized, or at 10 months after the ‘Covered Period’ if forgiveness is not applied for

Full details are at .

If you have already secured PPP funds, stay connected to your lender for updates and information on the forgiveness. If you have NOT applied, funds do still exist if you feel that this might be beneficial.

Stay tuned for the update on the requirements as we look to reopen and explore what massage in CT will look like.

The AMTA-CT BOD and Nikki Arel, AMTA -CT Government Relations Chair