I am excited to begin my term as President and work with the amazing chapter leaders in Connecticut. 

This has been a year to remember right from the beginning of 2020.   Due to the Pandemic many of our events have been cancelled – beginning with our 5th annual CT Conference and ending with our National Convention.   We are working on alternate plans if necessary for the July chapter meeting.  Details will be forthcoming once everything is finalized.  

We have been very busy working with the lobbyist, Department of Health, National AMTA office and members regarding the issues with unemployment and what restarting our practices will look like and when that will occur.  This is NOT something that has been easy for any of us and it seems like things change on a daily basis and information is constantly changing.   Nikki Arel our Government Relations Chair and Becca Torns-Barker our Past President have been on conference calls, busy verifying information before passing it on, informing the membership and trying to keep ahead of the next steps and issues.   The amount of information to sort through on a daily basis is daunting.  

I also need to thank you Becca Torns-Barker on behalf of the Connecticut Chapter for your leadership as our President for the last 4 years.  

Your four years as President have come and gone at the speed of light, but your impact on the members of this chapter and your board members and chairs will always be there.   Of all the things I can say about Becca, I think the thing that stands out the clearest is that she is guided by her passion for massage therapy and selflessly serves this unique group of practitioners known as LMTs.  There is no easy way to sum up Becca Torns-Barker, as there is no easy way to follow her as President.  Becca is a mentor to those she works with, a true leader who is open minded; making thought and fact based decisions (even if sometimes it was not the way she thought things would go), our word-smith, friend, and our champion in the AMTA world and professionally as part healthcare.    We are lucky that you will be staying in a leadership position – I wish you the best in your new position as CT Conference Chair as well as your work on the National level and professionally as a practitioner and educator.

Stay safe and well.  Enjoy your spring season.

Mindy Michaud
AMTA-CT Chapter President