Sports Massage Team Chair

Hello, my name is Shimona Spears, and I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, certified as a Medical Massage Practitioner as well as Hesch Sacroiliac Practitioner. I have always been interested within the healthcare field and knew I wanted a career that allowed me the opportunity to help others. I graduated high school 1998, where after graduation, flew off to San Antonio, Texas to join the United States Air Force. After my time with the service, I returned to Connecticut where I worked as a Medical Assistant while attending Manchester Community College for a Bachelors in Sports and Exercise Sciences. After working in various medical offices, I traveled to the west coast where I attended Cortiva Institute in Las Vegas, NV. I volunteered with UNLV to work with their student athletes and completed additional hours during weekend clinics. I chose to specialize in Sports and Rehab because I knew massage could be very beneficial in more ways than most people are aware. At this time, I am working on completing my degree in Athletic Training, in order to be more knowledgeable in this field I love so much.