Governor Lamont just announced on Twitter that Phase 2 goes into effect June 17!

The latest information is that Governor Lamont will talk about the reopening guidelines during his press conference at 4:00 today, June 5, 2020, and the PDF will be posted on the DECD web site over the weekend. The personal services industries are, even today, negotiating a few items with DECD and DPH in our collective best interests.

We will post a link on Facebook and send an email to as soon as we have it. Our lobbyist will let us know when it goes up.

DECD has asked that you please use Becca as a clearinghouse for your questions and comments. It is easier for them to receive and respond to feedback that way. You can imagine it is easier to respond to one question once instead of 100 different times!

If you have questions once the guidelines are released, please make a comment on the Reopening post (the one that will have the link to the PDF on Facebook), or email Becca at Becca will check both throughout the weekend and respond as soon as we have answers. We will likely create a FAQ page.