Hello Members!

I sit here writing this while at National Convention in Pasadena, watching weather reports of Hurricane Irma on TV. A week ago, fires threatened the Pasadena area as well. A weather report actually said, “Smokey, with sun and clouds.”

We also had a pipe burst in my office last week. While my office issue is stressful and inconvenient, Irma truly puts everything into perspective. I am grateful we were in the office when it happened. I am grateful no one was injured. I am also, of course, concerned for my friends and family in Florida and in the other states on track to be impacted. At the same time, I’m thankful that I’m not in the middle of it.

I am most thankful to be here in Pasadena with my AMTA family.

National Convention is a very enriching experience for me, personally and as your president. I get to visit with the friends that I only see once a year. I enjoy my social time with them, but we also work hard. I attend a National Board of Directors meeting, a Chapter President’s Council meeting, Chapter Leadership Training, House of Delegates (I’ll check in on the delegates), and then, classes. During all of the training, we brainstorm with other chapter members, and members from other state chapters, to see how we can improve your membership experience and how we can improve the volunteer experience. I hope we come home with more great ideas for you, our members.

If you’ve never been to an AMTA meeting, or it’s been a while, I invite you to give it a try. Check out your local AMTA family. We always have a great guest speaker, you’ll receive updates on AMTA and the industry, and we’ll be announcing the lineup for the 2018 Connecticut Conference. The next meeting will even be in Fairfield County! Our members there have voiced the need for more local events, and we’re listening.

I hope to see you there!