Sue Passini

Board Member 1

Sue Passini graduated from Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy in 1998.  She has been practicing massage therapy for 20 years and teaching for 18.  In that time, she has taken a variety of classes to enhance he skills not only as a therapist but as an instructor as well. She brings this knowledge to her students which gives them a better understanding of how to better help their clients.  In addition, she has held contracts which had her working with a variety of performing artists.   Sue also has a private practice, where she specializes in rehabilitative massage helping her clients avoid surgery.

Most recently Sue brought Massage Therapy to the College System. This credit-free program has been successfully training students to enter the field of massage.  Sue has also written the first Associate Degree program for the State of Connecticut.  This program will be available to new students as well as LMT’s who would like a degree in Massage Therapy.

Sue has been dedicated to upholding the integrity and standards of Massage Therapy for the last 20 years.  She aims to instill these values and love for the field to her students she teaches.

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