We are pleased to announce this year’s election results.

First of all we thank Deb Van Ohlen for her service as the Online Elections Coordinator.

Board Positions – 2 year terms 2022-2024
President – Mindy Michaud
Board Member – Chris Stubbs
Secretary – Melissa Glassman

2022 Board of Directors, Chairs and Delegates to Assembly of Delegates

President – Mindy Michaud  PresidentAMTACT@gmail.com
Secretary- Melissa Glassman  SecretaryAMTACT@gmail.com
Financial Administrator – Yvette Law   TreasurerAMTACT@gmail.com
Board Member 1 – Jodi Wolf   BoardMember1AMTACT@gmail.com
Board Member 2 – Chris Stubbs  BoardMember2AMTACT@gmail.com
Conference Committee Chair – Becca Torns-Barker ConferenceAMTACT@gmail.com
Education Chair – Susan Francis  EducationAMTACT@gmail.com
Membership Chair – Kim Marino  MembershipAMTACT@gmail.com
Sports Massage Team Chair – Tama Mackay   SMTAMTACT@gmail.com
Community Outreach Team Chair   CSMTAMTACT@gmail.com
Government Relations Chair – Nikki Arel  GovRelAMTACT@gmail.com
Awards Chair – Cass Crewdson    AwardsAMTACT@gmail.com

Delegate Assembly of Delegates

Bridget Richards     Two-Year Term 2022-2024    AmtaBridget@gmail.com
Melissa Glassman   Two-Year Term 2021-2023    SecretaryAMTACT@gmail.com