Ambassador Committee

What’s the Ambassador Committee
Do you have an hour a month (from your office/home) to donate to the chapter? Join the Ambassador Committee! This amazing group of volunteers calls new members to welcome them to the chapter. If you have another hour or two a year to donate, please consider hosting a Meet and Greet. It’s easier than you think! Contact membership at

If you want to volunteer for this team, or to help the chapter in other ways, please complete this volunteer form.

Community Service Massage Team

The goal of CSMT… …is simple but powerful: “To respond to the needs of the communities within Connecticut with the power of compassionate, professional touch in order to promote the health and welfare of humanity.”

The Community Service Massage Team, or CSMT, is a group of dedicated volunteers who donate their time to create a working relationship between the community and AMTA members. The team educates the public on the benefits of massage while also lending support to event staff, support staff, and first responders.  It is made up of two divisions: the Emergency Division (which responds to natural disasters and other state emergencies) and the Outreach Division (which responds to community needs).

If you would like to join the CSMT :
To be a member of the Community Service Massage Team-Emergency Division, you are required to take the CSMT training.  Keep an eye out for CSMT Training classes on the AMTA CT-Chapter Events Calendar aand get your blue shirt! All members can participate in Outreach Division events, like Massage Therapy Awareness Day at the Capitol. All members must show a current CT License, be AMTA members, and hold liability insurance.

To remain an active team member, you must participate in two AMTA events per year.

Outreach Division

CSMT team members and non-CSMT chapter members can take part in Outreach events. .  Contact the coordinator of the event listed on the AMTA CT-Chapter Website calendar of events, sign up for a shift on Eventbrite, come out and volunteer!

Emergency Division

Only CSMT team members that have taken the CSMT training are able to respond to Emergency Division deployments and drills. The Emergency Division works closely with the Red Cross, VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters), and other emergency agencies to provide chair massage to first and second responders and their supports.  The AMTA-CT CSMT Emergency division has responded to:

  • 9/11 (as MERT)
  • Hurricane Irene and Joplin Missouri tornado cleanup in 2011
  • Newtown, Sandy Hook shooting in 2012
  • The Boston Marathon Bombings in 2013
  • Active Shooter Training in Vernon, CT in 2016
  • Various other drills and trainings in CT

Most recent deployment: Willimantic paper plant fire
Through contacts in the Willimantic/Columbia area, we responded at the Willimantic Fire House in February of 2018.  We mobilized very quickly and sent a small 3 person team to provide chair massage to the fire fighters who had been working double and triple shifts battling an enormous industrial fire.

Government Relations

AMTA recognizes that state government regulation of the practice of massage therapy is the best way to meet the needs of the public and the massage therapy profession. However, leaving massage therapy regulation decisions to local government results in inconsistent regulation or none at all. The association believes that state licensure is the most effective means for the states to regulate our profession.

The AMTA-CT Chapter has a lobbyist who helps us keep track of legislation that may come up that may impact massage therapy. The lobbyist also assists when the CT Chapter wants to introduce new legislation.

This is one of the most important activities for the CT Chapter.

For more information, go to:

If you want to volunteer for this team, or to help the chapter in other ways, please complete this volunteer form.

Meeting Setup Committee

The Meeting Set Up Committee helps the Membership Chair decorate and set up the meeting room before chapter meetings. This committee also helps collect paperwork and decorations at the end of the meeting. To join, contact membership at

If you want to volunteer for this team, or to help the chapter in other ways, please complete this volunteer form.

Connecticut Conference Committee

The goal of the Connecticut Conference Committee is to provide quality education at an affordable price.  CT Conference is the largest single event that the chapter sponsors.  Since 2016, the committee has offered three days of education, from single 3-hour classes to certification classes.

This committee is a group of volunteers who donate their time and skills to do everything from event planning, to on-line registration, education planning, event planning, marketing, financial planning, and securing sponsors and exhibitors. Our committee also plans social events for Friday and Saturday evening.

If you would like to be a member of this committee, you must be a graduate or professional member in good standing.  It is a chance to give back to your chapter and learn new skills.  New members are mentored by other committee members.  This team works throughout the year with periodic meetings for conference committee coordinators.  There are many on-site duties during the convention weekend with all amounts of time commitments.  Please contact Sue Barrett, Connecticut Conference Chair at if you are interested in being a part of this committee.

2019 CT Conference Committee:
CT Conference Chair: Sue Barrett
Education Coordinator: Amy Waite
Exhibitor Coordinator: :  Sue Barrett and Sue Passini
Financial Coordinator: Mindy Michaud and Yvette Law
Marketing Coordinator: Open
Registrar: Natalie Dark
Sponsor Coordinator: Becca Torns-Barker
Volunteer Coordinator: Open

Sports Massage Team

The CT Sports Massage Team been providing event sports massage throughout CT since the 1960’s. Our mission is to provide professional quality sports massage to participants at various amateur and professional sporting events within CT.

Our goal is to promote the benefits of massage in general, and sports massage in particular to the public. The team also strives to enhance the image of the AMTA.

Interested in Becoming Part of the Sports Massage Team?
Any member of the CT Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association can become a member of the CT Sports Massage Team. Members must have completed at least 14 hours in Sports Massage education, complete an application, and participate in one team-sponsored event per year. All members must show a current CT License, be AMTA members, and hold liability insurance.

Click here for an application [.doc or .pdf] .

For more information, email the SMT Chair,