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Benefit Breakdown

Where we break down the benefits AMTA offers

by your Membership Director

What are the benefits of the CT Chapter?

The CT Chapter works hard to provide benefits that benefit you and your practice, including:
- Guest speakers at every chapter meeting
- FREE 10 CEUs every year
- Volunteer opportunities that let you help your community
- Volunteer opportunities that let you work on athletes of all levels, expanding your skill set
- FREE headshot pictures that you can use in all of your marketing materials

Are you looking for new ways to reach out to your clients? Are you investigating ways to increase client retention? AMTA may have a solution for you.

With your AMTA membership, you receive e-touch, a consumer-focused quarterly e-newsletter that is available to your clients. That's right: no additional charge. Keeping in touch with your clients on a regular basis is a great way to boost client retention. As we all know, it's less “expensive” to reactivate an inactive client than to go out and find a new one. The best thing about this newsletter: the content is already written.

You can deliver this in two ways:

You can even view their archived articles ( and create your own version.

Make sure you personalize the message and subject line of your email. In addition, at the bottom of your email, add an opt-out statement to comply with the Federal Government's “Can-SPAM” Act.

For complete information, visit AMTA's web site:

Membership Corner

Answers to your frequently-asked questions and provide membership updates

The most frequently-asked question: How do I update my email address with AMTA? This is a two-step process.
  • Update your email address with National. That's where we get your email address in the first place. You can update your email address online (log into your account and update your profile) or you can call them: 877-905-0577.
  • Email and we'll update your email in our database.

Not a question, but a request for volunteers!

Volunteers Needed!
As Membership Director, I need volunteers on two committees:
  • Ambassador Committee
    Ambassadors have two jobs. First, call any transfer or reinstated members that the Ambassador Chair asks you to and welcome them to the chapter. We have a script available to cover talking points. This happens maybe twice a year, and you make a 5-minute phone call.

    The second job is to host Meet and Greets. Meet and Greets are informal events held across the state with the intent of gathering massage therapists together to discuss matters that may be important to them or important to their local AMTA chapter. They are held by Ambassadors, as a way of representing the Board of Directors (BOD) to a broader audience of members than just those that attend chapter meetings. Ambassadors should hold one Meet and Greet per calendar year. Again, we have an agenda and talking points to help you run a meeting.
  • Meeting Set up Committee
    We have four chapter meetings a year. All of these require decorating the tables and distributing paperwork (like agendas) on the table before the meeting. We usually have arrive 30- to 60-minutes before doors open to set up.

To join either committee, please email membership at Please email me with any questions, comments, or feedback for the Board as well. Thank you for being an AMTA member!