This year’s recipient, Steve Callis, has been a member of AMTA for 16 years. Steve has shown his dedication to the field of massage therapy, and especially to sports massage. He has volunteered and consistently managed events for AMTA throughout his years as a member. He has managed team members while on site for an event as well as worked with the sports event directors to provide the appropriate therapists for the event. Steve has also participated in multiple events over the years with the Community Outreach Team (formerly CSMT). Participation in these events has provided the public with an increased knowledge of the benefits of massage therapy. He has also served the chapter as the Sports Massage Team (SMT) chair.

Steve has been a familiar face at the Manchester Road Race and Colchester Half Marathon for many years as an AMTA member. The Colchester Half Marathon had fallen off the planned programming for the chapter. Steve made a new connection to this event this year and the sports team participated in this February event.

Following the shut-down of all sports team events during the pandemic, Steve stepped right back in and has been an active participant in the team events in the past year. He coordinated the Manchester Road Race and the Colchester Half Marathon.

Sports team members who participate in events are paid by the race participants. This was new to these two races. Steve successfully negotiated with these races to allow the massage therapists to be paid for their work.

Please join us in congratulating, Steve Callis as the 2023 CT-Chapter Sports Massage Achiever.