Rotation through the thoracic/lumbar spine and hips is essential for optimal performance throughout the golf swing. This workshop looks at how the hips and vertebral structures move during rotation and how lack of movement can severely limit motion during the golf swing. This limitation in movement can lead to poorer performance and injury. For example, if an individual in unable to rotate effectively through the thoracic spine compensatory movements through the hip and pelvis can lead to low back issues.

This 8-hour, hands-on class takes place all day Saturday, 4/9. For complete information, visit

About the Instructor: Lee Stang

Lee Stang, owner of Bridges To Health Seminars has been teaching massage local and nationally since 1996. She taught in the massage school environment for 17 years at the CT Center for Massage Therapy specializing in anatomy and physiology, orthopedic and sports massage. She is certified in orthopedic massage and has taught with Whitney Lowe in the OMERI program. Lee currently travels with the Women’s Tennis Association bringing massage to elite professional tennis players throughout the world as a member of the Sports Science and Medicine Team. She has been on the numerous Sports Massage Teams at the Olympics and Paralympics and traveled with the US National Powerlifting Team.

A NCBTMB approved provider Lee’s focus is to provide theory and techniques that can be immediately incorporated into ones practice. Orthopedic massage and movement technique, passive and active, are the foundation of all Bridges To Health Seminars. Feedback from seminar goers is that these seminars are informative, dynamic and provide tools today that can be used tomorrow to make a massage practice more dynamic.